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Redstone repeater doesn't transfer redstone signal


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      So one guy had server and suddenly the redstone just stopped transferring redstone signal into repeater at two places, so I download the map and loaded in singleplayer, the problem persisted, I tried breaking the repeaters, changing direction of them, changing ticks on the repeaters a lot a lot more things but they just don't work, you can't transfer redstone signal thru them, redstone powder on that coords works.
      I also tried to create a new map with the same seed and went to the same coords and the repeaters worked, also in the original world I tried to move them one block up, one down, just anywhere and it works, it really doesn't work just on the two spots, it's really a super odd bug.

      Here is a download link for the map from the server, coords are XYZ: 1766 / 130 / 297

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