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Rabbit behavior issues regarding fleeing



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      I was in a village and i noticed the cats hunted down the naturally spawned rabbits. However the bunnies had no fleeing behavior towards and just staying still. I was little bit confused however I continued building. Some time later the same happened again and I started testing. I knew from experience that rabbits flee from most hostile mobs, untamed wolves and players in survival mode. However I discovered them also not fleeing from foxes.

      Sure when the fox landed a hit on the rabbit it started to panic. But this happens when the rabbit takes damage in any form.

      The panic behavior and fleeing behavior are 2 different things. When the rabbit flees it, tries to escape in the opposite direction from the mob. When it panics it, runs in random directions like any other passive mob would do when attacked.

      It's also really annoying because all the rabbits disappear rather quickly.

      Also killer bunnies do not attack cats & foxes naturally like they do when wolves and players are nearby.
      What I expected to happen was...:

      The rabbit would flee from its cats and foxes like in does to wolves, cats, players and most hostile mobs.

      What actually happened was...:

      The rabbit did not have any fleeing behavior towards foxes and cats in any shape or form. Even tho they hunt down rabbits like wolves do.

      Steps to Reproduce:

       1. Spawn a group of rabbits anywhere in the world.

       2. Have a fox or a cat in the rabbits follow range

       3. Observe the behavior of the bunnies




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