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Another attempt at the gateway issue



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    • My operation system is windows 10, the newest Java version(I think?) and nothing has been modified, other than me downloading a single mod for minecraft, and a modloader called Fabric for 1.14.4
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      Key details: The end gateway portals does not spawn correctly, as I'd assume it to spawn directly opposite eachother (meaning that for example, one portal spawning at X=1 to -1, Y=74 to 77, Z=-95 to -97, then the other one that is opposite to that, should be X=1 to -1, Y=74 to 77, Z=95 to 97).. But the issue is that it does not.

      So, in my last post regarding this, I was told that what I was trying to do was suggest a feature change, but that is not the case. I went back to older worlds, specifically the world that I made something in The End on (The version of this world is 1.12.2). I had killed 20 dragons, and I went to check everything. Everything then and there was symmetrical, in regards to the end gateways. Then I went to try and make another world, this time in 1.14.4, killed 20 enderdragons, and checked it out. The portal at X 1 to -1, Y 74 to 77, Z -95 to -97 was the same, but when I went to check the other one, the coordinates had shifted (not like it changed in the same world, as said, this was a new world). The coordinates were X=0 to -2, Y=74 to 77, Z=95 to 97. I suspect that this is a bug that has happened in 1.14(though could be 1.13 too, haven't tested that one), but none the less, this is a change that is so minimal, that I refuse to believe that it is intentional, therefore I am reporting it as a bug. I will be providing screenshots in regards to the issue. The screenshots where you can see something has been built on is the 1.12.2 world, and the one where you just see end gateways is the 1.14.4 world. If there are any confusions, I will be happy to explain, but please do note that what I am requesting in not a feature change. I have no way of saying that it is a bug, but it's a change between versions that is stated nowhere, and is of such a minimal caliber, that I deem it to be a bug. Also, Fabric, and the mod I installed, changes nothing about world generation. The mod is LiteMatica, and Fabric is just a mod-loader.


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