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Horses and Similar Pets are dissapearing when leaving it


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    • Minecraft 1.14.3
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    • Windows 10, 64bit, Java Version 8 Update 201 (Build 1.8.0_201-b09)
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      I should descend my Horse and it stands where I left it, so I can ride it again.

      But it dissapears right the moment I dont sit on it anymore. It despawns!

      Once I tryed to Jump over a small river, I got descended automaticcaly, and my Horse despawned. Thats the way I lost much of my Stuff (saddles, Horseamour, and ofc. my horses etc).

      Once I just stopped in the forest, putted down a Bed to sleep because it got dark, and puff! Horse gone

      I cant find them anywhere, tryed to find them by Using /gamemode creative and fly arrount, but they are nowhere. It happens too if I ride the child of my Donkey and Horse (I dont know what these are called in english)

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