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some generated chests cause massive lag



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    • Minecraft 1.14.3
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      When trying opening some chests that generated in the ruins the chests would not load and after some second no matter what you do the game would start lagging exponentially. Right after trying to open the chests you wont feel anything but after a couple seconds you would get a few lag spikes and the lag getting worse and worse where you cannot move anymore and eventually either: the game crashes, you force close it with task manager or you try to save before the lag is too bad and when it tries to save the map it stops responding and you are again forced to close the game with task manager. This bug also happens if you try to break the chests, The chests breaks without any items dropping and the same as above occures. after each time I open the map again it spawns me a couple minutes before i tried to open the chests for the first. Weirdly not all of the chests cause this bug but only the 2 chests in the ruins in the from of the picture below. For what i checked i believe all other chests in the ruins work except for this 2




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