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Cats cant find the exact location of the bed



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    • Affects Version/s: Minecraft 1.14.3
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      Running windows 10 Pro, and latest version of java
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      Ok, so I found a cat, and tamed it. Now when the cat is in ur house, and is not demanded to sit down, they will most likely sit on a chest or sit on the bed. The cat is naturally attracted to the bed. So this is where the problem occurs. I was making a basement for my house, and my cat got down in the basement. And it stayed anchored to the corner of the basement, i was wondering why. I knew the cats liked being on the bed, so i moved my bed upstairs, and for sure it followed. So the cat is attracted to the coords the players bed is sitting on, even if it is below the bed, or above. Only way to get it out of the basement is buy breaking the bed, and getting the cat to teleport to me. I am running The latest version of minecraft, and all vanilla. Only thing different is that i have a shaderpack on. I posted a unlisted video to youtube explaing the problem, since you can tell much from screenshots. Please fix this bug. Thanks.
      Cat Glitch





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