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Duping Java SE Binary files and unsolved error: internal exception: java.io.ioexception: an existing connection was forcibly closed by remote host.



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      Hello. I've been experiencing a plethora of connection issues. I have never, once, had any considerable issues regarding the one I am about to confer. Every while or so whilst logged into a server, (I would estimate a good 15-30 minutes per) I am disconnected randomly without a lag spike or ping increase. I manage about 30 ms on most NA networks, and I have logged my ping ms charts to prove to myself that it is indeed not my internet connection. However, I am not the only player experiencing this cheeky bug. Many of my friends and a wide variety of players with various versions have also told me that this occurs to them too. This bug is indescribably annoying. I will be kicked from said server entirely, have to join another server since it will refuse me to join the server right after (being stuck on 'Logging in...'), and then I can rejoin again with perfect ping and ms. I have attempted a number of fixes on both my launcher and client for Java. 
      One issue I have noticed when attempting to fix the issue is when I go into Windows Defender Firewall. Because the launcher runs on Java SE, the file auto selects itself to run on a public connection. The fix is stated to deselect the public and make it private. When I do this, a new Java SE file will below the old one. This can generate up to 9 to 10 files each time after I am kicked. An example of this can be shown in a screenshot given below. I have installed the latest version of Java and run a version on 1.8.2. Do I need to make my WiFi connection hosted as a private connection, or is there another fix? I have tried everything. 


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