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Scattered whole inventory disappears from death place after reviving



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    • Minecraft 1.14.2
    • Java

      Windows 10

      Local solo match. No LAN, no servers.

      Vanilla gameplay. No mods.
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      I came here to report what looks like a nasty bug which makes the whole inventory disappear after death, and I'm not talking about the mechanics of losing most XP and leaving all your items in your death bed, but returning to the place and finding nothing on solid blocks (no caves, no water, no lava, no explosions), and even exploring posible caves nothing appears to be there, it just vanishes.

      A few minutes ago an illager knocked me out of my mob trap (do they spawn on air blocks?) and died from the fall. I revived on my bed less tan 50 blocks from the place where I died, but when I returned for my stuff my whole inventory, left XP, and illager banner weren't there, as if nothing ever happened, but still I was naked on level 0. And no, my stuff wasn't in the chests of the mob trap.

      Worst thing is that this isn't the first time this happens nor in the only version of the game.

      This also happened in the Windows 10 Minecraft 1.11.4 version, I died pretty close from my house so I could return fast for my items, and they also vanished (I lost my only elytra!), and happened twice in the same game session, when I went for more equipement and died again (overworld, plains) to return to nothing.

      I can take my part on the punishment of death: lost experience, scattered inventory, the effort of returning from spawn point, but It's unfair losing everything randomly.. 

      I read through some articles and this has happened to more people even in older patches of the game, so? Please, check this. I didn't report it the first time since it was an isolated case, but not anymore and spoils the game experience.


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