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'Exception generating new chunk' crashes the game



    • Type: Bug
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    • Affects Version/s: Minecraft 1.14.3 Pre-Release 3
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      NOTE: this seems to be a duplicate of MC-150680, but in vanilla Minecraft.


      EDIT: The bug COULD be due to MC-154499. There is a End city within 200 blocks with a item frame. Probably that causes the issue.


      Minecraft world crashes if a infected chunk gets loaded.

      Error: java.lang.NullPointerException: Exception generating new chunk


      Chunks have previously worked just fine. But now suddenly there is a chunk in the end that can crash the game (look crash report attachments). Apparently there are other chunks like this as well in the world, but I have been unable to locate them. Please take a look at the world inside unzip me.zip to see the bug in action in the end dimension. (Also a quick tip: open the world to LAN so you will not be stuck in a infinite loop forever if you are planning to open the world more than once. It will revert you back to the overworld if there is a crash.)


      Also some info:

      • Bug appears at -1558 94 -6219 in the End.
      • Bug does not persist in a newly generated world.
      • World is generated in 1.14(.0) with normal generation (not amplified etc.) and updated to 1.14.1, 1.14.2. and all 1.14.3 pre-releases from 1 to 3.
      • There are chunks that don't affect the bug removed from the world files to save space.


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