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Boat Glitchig after exit


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    • Minecraft 1.14.3 Pre-Release 3
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    • Java on Windows. no mods
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      I place a boat down, movement seems normal, however when I get to the edge of land and shift to get out of the boat, it glitches, disappears and im struggling to move anywhere for where the boat was. this small area glitch is linked to the boat in some way as once im out of the block where the boat disappeared im fine. I have tried digging down and cannot find it under the blocks under the water. Few Minecraft days later (doing my own thing) and I found the boat sitting by the water without an issue... I did NOT log out and back in to make it reappear. The first time It happened I landed by a seaside village, a villager got stuck in the glitching block. came back to the village a few days later and he is sitting in the boat.

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