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When leaving boats, horses or minecarts they turn invisible and can't be ridden.


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    • Minecraft 1.14.2
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    • Java 64, Hp Envy, windows 10
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      When leaving a cart horse or boat there is a 5% chance it turns invisible alongside all additions such as the saddle or horse armour (all types). I can still stand on the boat or collide with the horse/cart but it cannot be hit or ridden. Exiting the world and re-entering causes the entity to reappear and all problems are fixed. This is not much of a problem once I worked out this but the frequency of occurrence is annoying. This bug has not occurred for untamed horses or pigs but does occur when kicked of a horse due to water. The bug also does not occur when riding and leaving horse, boat or cart.

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            Montinje Rowan Edmunds
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