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Villagers do not share food


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    • Minecraft 1.14.2
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      Windows 7 Java 8 x64. 8 core Intel i7
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      Among the many other inventory and path-finding related problems, it would also appear that villagers  have stopped sharing food. Noticed this on my automatic carrot farm (which is now broken). I have only tested with farmers, so I cannot confirm all professions behave similarly. 

      To Recreate: 

      1) Place a villager in a confined space with a bed, a composter and several blocks of planted farmland. 

      2) Dump 2 or 3 full stacks of food (carrots, beets, wheat, etc) and watch the (newly minted) farmer pick them up. 

      3) place a second villager in the same space. 

      4) wait indefinitely as you watch the greedy farmer to refuse to share any food with his starving companion. 

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