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bow shoots at the sky at the highest speed



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      What I expected to happen was...:
      Bow shooting correctly.

      What actually happened was...:
      Bow started shooting at the sky no matter where you look, the arrow will always go toward sky at max speed of the bow, this is only happening to bow, the crossbow is working normally as it should.

      This is what happen:
      I was playing with bow and arrows, then I dig a hole, two block deep summon a lot of zombies (maximum possible in the same coordinates by default) then I was using the following command 

      /execute at @e run summon arrow ~ ~50 ~

      With that command it summoned a bunch of arrows above zombies, I repeated the command a few times and end up killing around 4000 arrows (because arrows were spawning for every single entity, the number was getting higher pretty fast, I had to kill arrows with the command due to lag it was giving).

      After that I went in the hole (I was in Survival mode this whole time) and started shooting arrows at the sky (with bow) hoping it will hit a zombie, what actually happen was every use of a bow it will spawn the arrow, ~5 blocks next to me by x and z axis.

      Then I died, so I went back into the hole (spawn point was close to the hole) started doing the same thing but it ended up shooting at sun at high speed no matter what, I gave my self levitation 256 (max level) and teleport my self 0.4 above ground, thanks to levitation you stay at the same spot, but I got a hit and zombies with the levitation on me moved me 35 blocks in a tick, that's why I am on that location with levitation in the video.
      After that hit, the arrows just started going to sky at high speed, then I started recording.

      I killed my self ( /kill @p ) after the recording and the bow started working again correctly.

      Steps to Reproduce:
      I just found out why did it happen, let me explain steps to do this
      1. dig a 2 block deep hole
      2. summon a bunch of entities, in this case zombies
          what I use is " /execute at @e[type=zombie] run summon zombie " to double the amount      of zombies
      3. move them a little by going in the hole, and summon more enities
      4. give your self levitation at max level " /effect give @p minecraft:levitation 999999 255 " (you can put " true " at end of the command to hide the particles if you want to)
      5. be above the hole, make sure you are not flying (levitation at max level won't allow you to move yourself up or down)
      6. use the command to teleport yourself down a little " /tp @p ~ ~-0.1 ~ " 
      7. then type " /tp @p ~ ~0.1 ~ " to move back up
      8. Done, they should push you, and you will be pushed at the high speed and when you use an bow it should start doing this bug, but it may happen at the different direction.

      I have video tutorial for steps here:  https://youtu.be/VGFOL7TZTxo

      Here's the video bug, it's too big to upload it here so I used YouTube: https://youtu.be/8eEyKmQ2W7U
      Sorry for the lag, my PC cannot handle recording, so it creates lag spikes at the recording no matter what resolution I put, only works on one software recorder and only on specific settings..

      Also just jumping in the hole after step 3 will make arrows do the similar thing until you exit the hole.




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