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Villager schedule is not being followed correctly and job duplication



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      #Issue 1. - Schedule broken

      Villagers that have a proffesion sometimes don't follow their schedule correctly, or not at all. Like one of the pictures bellow, the Stone Mason is supposed to be at the meeting area with the villagers, but he doesn't go to it, sometimes neither to his workstation.

      These villagers that do this sometimes don't go to their bed and completely stand still during at night and only look at one direction. Which results another villager (or if a baby villager just spawned) will take the Broken Villagers' bed. If I try atract a zombie to him he will suddenly start running to his house super quick and tries to sleep in his previus bed which is occcupied by a new villager.

      #Issue 2. - Job duplication

      Villages that only have one Blastfurnace for example, it will have one armorer. If I trade with him, his schedule becomes messed up and loses interest in his workstation. but he keeps his proffesion. This results in another villager taking his proffesion and having 2 of the same proffesion but one Blastfurnace. The villager that lost interest in his workstation but kept his proffesion doesn't go to his workstation, doesn't reset his trades and he doesn't get interested in other proffesion or losing his proffesion (becoming a Nitwit). These villagers will most likely get their schedule messed up like in Issue no.1


      Note: Not all villagers that have their job being duplicated get their Daily Schedule messed up. This happens to Nitwits sometimes aswell and normal Villagers with proffesions.


      To Reproduce:

      There's no correct way to reproduce this bug. The best way and the most common way to get these Issues is to:

      1.Find a village.

      2.Expand it (Create more houses, workstations, etc.)

      3.Sleep when needed.

      4.Trade with the villagers

      5.Observe the villagers' behavior and their schedule.


      That's what I did in my survival world when I found these minor but very annoying issues.

      Edit: The picture that was edited shows that the ToolSmith is supposed to be working in the circled house but doesn't go to it because it's already occupied by another toolsmith. The village has one Smithing Table.

      Edit2: The picture that shows the two weapon smith's also has the same issue. The Weaponsmith on the left doesn't do anything in particular. Just walks around like a normal Nitwit but keeps his trades and doesn't loose his proffesion even if there's only one grindstone in this village (Also for some odd reason the villager really likes to go to the edge of the village border and stay there, same issue with Iron Golems).


      Note: I think these issues occur with already traded villagers (The ones who already leveled up).




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