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Cats unable to teleport to some blocks.


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    • Minecraft 1.14.2, 1.15.1, 20w18a
    • * *OS:* Microsoft Windows 10 Pro
       * *Java:* Version 8 Update 211 (build 1.8.0_211-b12)
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      I had tamed 5 cats in a snowy village in a newly generated creative default world in 1.14.2. Walking away from the village I noticed they were not teleporting to me. I then decided to test what blocks they aren't able to teleport to...
      What I expected to happen was...:
      When walking a reasonable distance away from the tamed cats, they should have teleported to me, as they were not able to keep up with me.
      What actually happened was...:
      They walked as fast as they could but I walked faster. I kept walking when eventually they un-rendered without teleporting to me.
      Steps to Reproduce:

      1. Stand in an area that has one or more of any of the following blocks:
        1. any type of bottom-half slab
        2. Any carpet
        3. Any bed
        4. grass_path
        5. farmland
        6. snow layer (layers 1-8)
        7. grass
        8. tall grass
        9. fern
        10. large_fern
        11. Flowers (Tall and short variants, eg: rose_bush, lilac, dandelion, alium etc.)
        12. Any stair blocks (may be intended?)
        13. Rail variants
        14. Bottom-half trapdoors
        15. pressure plate variants
        16. ice
        17. button variants
        18. daylight_detector
        19. redstone_wire
        20. torch
        21. tripwire_hook
        22. door variants
        23. Banner variants
        24. flower_pot
        25. lever
      2. Make sure there are no other blocks except those listed above around you for at least 20 blocks away to be safe.
      3. Have a tamed cat in another area from the one with the listed blocks, but close enough so it is in rendering range.
      4. Move away from the cat and to the area with listed blocks
      5. Observe how the cat is unable to teleport near the player on any of these blocks.


      I suggest trying something similar to the attached screenshot to test this, (A platform roughly 30 blocks above the cats with listed blocks) getting the cats on the ground below the platform, and flying up to the platform and standing/walking around on it near the various blocks.

      On the attached picture: A platform made up of the blocks in question; below, the cats, that aren't able to teleport to the player while the player is on any part of the platform; the village in the background.

      **Similar to * MC-145021 except more blocks affect cats; wolves; parrots than just snow*


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