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Horse vanishing - BEGONE HORSE MACHINE 2000


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    • Minecraft 1.14.2
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      BRIEF description:

      *-You're enjoy your ride with your horse and this beautiful environment, *THEN SUDDENLY there's a rare flower you want to pick up!?! You immediately hop    out your horse and grab the flower as quickly as possible.

      Mid session of pure enjoyment for your brand new, rare and beautiful flower in your inventory.. Your horse decides Minecraft ain't it for him so he vanishes on you.

      DON'T WORRY! Because still hear his PFFEFEEFFFF and his TAF TAFF TAFFF noise.

      After a couple of minutes pure joy with the flower in your inventory, you turn your around and there's no horse near you. YOU PANIC and you search every cube.. after searching for minutes, all hope is lost.

      BUT DON'T WORRY THERE'S A SOLUTION FOR NOW - just save and reload! Your horse should re-enter the Minecraft dimension



      What I expected to happen was...:
      Hop out my horse, grab the flower, enjoy the flower, go back on my horse.

      What actually happened was...:

      Horse gone! but good new.. You can enjoy the flower on the walk back.

      Steps to Reproduce:
      1. Tame a horse
      2. Hop on your horse, put a saddle and walk a little
      3. Hop out - Here ya go, no more horse.

      (Please give few attempts before letting the BEGONE HORSE 2000 to work)

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