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Scaffolding Traversal Issues



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    • Minecraft 1.14.2
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    • Windows 10 Version 1803 (Build 17134.765)

      Java 1.8.0u51 64-bit

      CPU: Intel Core i5-3230M

      GPU: Intel HD Graphics 4000 (Firmware v 4.0.0 Build

      Max RAM Allocation: 2GB

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      Video was too large, so I have this link for video evidence. A copy of the world is also attached for testing purposes


      When moving up and down on the edge of a scaffold, different movement is experienced depending on the direction. 

      • Downward movement seems to be much faster than descending the center of a scaffold, and the game seems to consider it as a freefall 
        • Fall damage does happen when abruptly stopping on the scaffold  
        • Falling/jumping  off the scaffold, but then colliding back into it does cause fall damage (may be working as intended)
        • Because it seems to be considered a freefall, water does negate any fall damage
      • Upward movement is segmented as the player jumping up every scaffold block
        • The player is not affected by fall damage when moving up the edges of the scaffold
        • The player is hindered by other scaffolding blocks beside the scaffold they are traversing (not included in video)

      I do use an alternative texture for scaffolds to make the center transparent. This should have no effect on duplicating the bug. 


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