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Process crashed with exit code -1073740791


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    • Minecraft 1.14.2
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    • I am running on

      Windows 10 (Home Edition)

      Java version 8 update 211 (most recent update)

      Minecraft version 1.14

      Nvidia GeForce Game Ready Driver 430.64
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    • Crash

      As of now, I have:

      • Updated/Uninstalled/Reinstalled Graphics drivers a total of 3 times
      • Updated Java to the most recent edition
      • Uninstalled any Java edition mods I had
      • Uninstalled/Reinstalled Minecraft JE
      • Tweaked launch settings to avoid improper file pathing
      • Using the community support links provided:
        • attempted fixes listed on the MC Forums and Planetminecraft Forums
        • received assistance from the #minecrafthelp channel using the Community IRC Support
        • Read other tickets regarding the same issue listed on Mojira Bug Tracker

      As well as a few other things that I cannot remember exactly at this time. Regardless of whatever attempts I have made to fix this I have done, I crash on launch with the same exact error every single time. "Process crashed with exit code -1073740791". No crash logs appear in my log folder whenever this happens. Any assistance beyond "See MC-112780. If that did not help, please use the community support link below." would be appreciated.

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