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Multiple Raid Activations


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    • Minecraft 1.14.1
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    • I am on Windows 10 running latest Java version. This happens on a 1.14.1 server.
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    • Village system



      On Minecraft Java version 1.14.1, there is an issue where if you step out of a raid, get Bad Omen again and walk back in, it will spawn yet ANOTHER raid. At one point, I racked up to 8 raids at once and it was hell to get through!


      I have though over some a few different "fixes" that would help this.

      1. Make it so Bad Omen does not apply in a specific chunk radius to another ongoing raid.
      2. If a player walks into a village with Bad Omen and there is already a raid going on, don't start another raid!
      3. Don't use a block radius for raids, use a chunk radius so it affects the entire vertical portion on the current raid area.


      I bring this up because we currently use a village as a spawn area that features lots of mountains and hills. If Pillagers spawn up on the top of the mountain, the player will go kill it but be out of range so when they come back, another raid starts.

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