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Entities such as item frames, sheep, mine carts, etc. disappearing



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    • Minecraft 1.14.1
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      PLEASE HELP. I have a 1.14.1 Minecraft server with a few friends. Every now and then a lot of entities in and around our bases just vanish. I had a 6x5 map consisting of item frames and maps. One day I logged on and all of the item frames were completely gone. Another example of this happening was my house was full of the new cats, and with a minecart in the corner of the room. I walked in one day and they were all gone. I seriously doubt that this is the server as I am running an entirely vanilla survival with no plugins. No entity clear plugins, no nothing. I have no idea how to re-create this glitch since it just happens entirely randomly. Just recently mine and my friend's sheep pens were suddenly completely empty. I am running on a fairly beefy minecraft server that will only begin to slightly struggle when there are over 1000 entities in a single chunk. Please, any help would be great and I hope that this is fixed in 1.14.2 full release.

      In my personal opinion 1.14 was released WAY too early and is extremely buggy and is not very playable on survival multiplayer.


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