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Game crash upon block update of a Tile Entity with a changed block ID


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    • Minecraft 1.5.1, Snapshot 13w18c
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      This is a bit complex, so I'll clear it up:
      Mob spawners did not (and still do not as far as I have tested) retain their custom names upon their placement, which would make my editing custom mob spawners much easier. To work around this, I began using a roundabout method of renaming a chest or other Tile Entity that I could confirm keeping it's custom name (like an enchantment table, anything that displays the name upon click) and changing the block ID of the Tile Entity using NBTExplorer. The issue is that after all this, the block in the game will not change, and performing a block update to said Tile Entity (I.E, destroying a block next to it, placing a block next to it, or clicking on it) will crash Minecraft.
      So when I renamed a chest to "Midnight plains", found said chest, and changed the ID to "MobSpawner", the block texture in the game did not change, nor did the Enchantment tables I renamed.
      I realize the players are clearly not intended to rename block IDs like that, but even so, reloading the chunks or reloading the textures SHOULD have at least caused the texture to change, as should have quitting the game and restarting, shouldn't it? But reloading chunks or textures does not change it. Yet, the function of the block works just fine (I.E, the block will still spawn mobs).

      To reproduce:
      Place a chest or other tile entity
      Change that tile entity's ID to MobSpawner using NBTExplorer (be sure to delete the data that the chest stores, I believe it has a list tag called "items", and a mob spawner does not)
      Open the game, attempt to perform a block update to the spawner (click on it or place a block adjacent to it).

      I've attached the crash report and have an AVI file on record of how to replicate it (I wont post it because I'm not sure how to use videos on this bug report). I have made the spawner spawn mobs and it does what it's told, so I'm out of here now.

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