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Aboveground Cave Ambience



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    • Minecraft 1.14
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    • I use Windows 10 and all worlds affected are on 1.14.
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      Recently, I've encountered a possible bug in which cave ambiance, or the sound fx that will occasionally play below ground, has been playing while on the surface with relative frequency. While this bug is far from being game-breaking, it's rather inconvenient. These sounds will play once every 10 to 5 minutes for me, sometimes even more frequently as I have gotten at least 4 of them in 10 minutes on one of my creative servers. They will even play when I am nowhere near a cave or undergound area. I mostly encounter this in my/my friends' multiplayer servers, though since we all use different hosts I know it is not an issue in the servers but rather the game itself. I'm not sure if my friends who play have encountered this as well, as nobody has pointed it out, but I doubt it is only for me since it happens across multiple servers and worlds.
      If anyone else has experienced this happen to them, let me know, because I'm not sure if it could simply be an issue with my copy of the game or if it also effects others. I will see if I can catch it on recording and will update this it if I can.




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