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All Mobs either freezing or dissapearing when /locate is used


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    • Minecraft 1.14
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      What I expected to happen was...:

      */*locate locates the place (I have tried it for Igloo, Pillager Outpost and Village) and for it to give me the coordinates.

      What actually happened was...:

      The world half froze with some chunks refusing to load for loading in with all mobs invisible and chucks already loaded all mobs would completely freeze and not be able to be interacted with. Particles would also disappear while the coordinates would never pop up in the chat. I would have to exit and reenter the world to fix it. The one that messes up the most is /locate Igloo while the Pillager Outpost and Village would only happened from time to time.

      Steps to Reproduce:
      1. Open the world
      2. Let the world load up and chunks load in
      3. Use /locate

      4.World freezes up so reenter the world and try again

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