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Light sources aren't lighting up properly on realms



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      Light sources like torches are not emitting light properly and are causing mob spawns. It gets fixed when the torch is broken and replaced but it eventually happens again and I can't stop it.

      There is also a bug affecting my mob farm which should be completely dark as I have double-layered the roof and floor to stop light from entering. This doesn't matter though since the inside of the mob farm acts as if there is no roof at all. The light changes with the time of day so it gets brighter during the day and darker at night. Mobs are no longer able to spawn in my farm because of this. 

      This seems to be an issue I think is only on realms servers. I don't know exactly how to reproduce it because these bugs weren't prevalent at the beginning, but after I set up my mob grinder, the next time I got on the realm the light sources in my house weren't emitting light. I thought it was just a visual glitch until mobs started spawning in my house despite the light sources I had. My mob grinder had also stopped working as nothing was falling down the shaft. I entered the grinder to see the problem and only one corner of it was actually dark while the rest was lit up completely even after I sealed off the whole thing entirely. I placed a torch in the dark area then broke it and then that corner had also become oblivious to the roof and was allowing light inside.

      I do not have shaders on or anything like that.


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