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Villagers Giving Ghost Items


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    • Minecraft 1.14
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    • Up-to-date windows 10 and java 64 on a Minecraft 1.14 local server
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      So on top of all the OTHER villager bugs I had to deal with to even get this mending villager in the first place-

      My current status in the provided gif:

      • i have hero of the village effect
      • i successfully traded the paper trade until the paper trade got locked (and the villager leveled up)
      • i successfully obtained a single mending book
      • after getting one mending book, the cost of traded from 6 emeralds to 4 emeralds

      What's wrong:
      instead of giving me the mending book, it gives me a ghost book. It's not shown in the gif, but if i shift click the book instead of simply trying to pick it up with my cursor, a ghost book is given to me for a split second before disappearing and giving me my emeralds/books back

      please fix villagers. it's a shame that mojang has pushed out a full release for 1.14 despite villagers (the main focus of the update) being so buggy that they're literally unusable. 

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