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Cannot trade with Villager if discount is active


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    • Minecraft 1.14
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    • A 1.13.2 server I upgraded to 1.14, built a teleport hub to tp somewhere to 0/70/33333, fought a couple of Illagers, found a village afterwards and successfully completed a raid.
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      After a successful raid (was a lot of fun, thx for that feature!) I tried to trade with a villager, but the trade menu didn't allow it. I put in the required items, it shows me the result, I try to pick up the result but end up empty handedly while the trade level rises. My traded items are also not consumed and the next time I open up the trade menu, everything's back as it was before, so trade level back to 0, me without emeralds but with rotten flesh.


      (it's possible that the video doesn't work correctly, my phone is weird. try opening it with another media software, seems to work fine with vlc)

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