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Mobs with multiple states have their hitboxes shifted when spawning (except for the first state)


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      The bug

      Mobs with multiple states have their hitboxs shifted when they spawn (except for the first state).
      See examples for more infos.

      How to reproduce

      1. Activate hitboxes with F3+B
      2. Spawn a mob (like a Magma Cube or a Slime or a Pufferfish) and look at the hixbox of the mob


      Here are examples in videos:
      • Magma Cube: Magma Cube Hitbox Problem (1).mp4 and Magma Cube Hitbox Problem (2).mp4
      • Pufferfish: Pufferfish Hitbox Problem.mp4
      • Slime: Slime Hitbox Problem.mp4

      Additional information

      This bug occurs both when the mob appears with an spawn egg or a command (/summon).

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