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Changing render distance in the end glitches the player and doesn't load chunks properly


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    • Minecraft 19w14b
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      When in the end and changing the render distance, you appear glitched in the block below you without the possibility of jumping or mining. You can only move very slowly. Plus the chunks can't load properly in some cases. If you are in a bugged chunk you will start to fall weirdly and shaking on the block you were standing. 

      You have to relog into the world to fix the issue.

      (Notice that I'm in a survival world and I'm not flying, I'm just in an unloaded chunk)

      Steps to reproduce :

      • Start a world
      • Go to The End
      • Try to change the render distance (higher and lower)
      • Eventually you will be glitched in the block you're above and/or the chunks won't load

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