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Entering Minecart places player below it.


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    • Minecraft 19w14a
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    • PC Windows 10 Pro
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      What I expected to happen was...:

      I thought that I would enter a Minecart and be sitting inside it, able to look out and interact with the world around me.

      What actually happened was...:
      I was placed so that I was looking out from below the minecart. I could get the minecart to move by pressing the w or s key but I could not view my surroundings and interact with a stone button on a pillar (that I use to activate powered rails)

      Steps to Reproduce:
      1. Enter Minecart
      2. Move by pressing w or s key (you will move normally, not falling through blocks or anything.

      3. Press L-Shift to exit minecart.

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