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Enderdragon crashes game (server?) if the nest is too high


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    • Minecraft 1.13.2
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    • Java edition 1.13.2, mac, singleplayer world
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      If the dragon pedestal (highest block at x=0 z=0 in the end) is too high (approaching y=255), the game will sometimes crash when the dragon sits on top of it.



      1. Create a new creative mode, singleplayer world
      2. /setblock ~ ~ ~ end_portal    to enter the End
      3. /setblock 0 255 0 minecraft:end_stone
      4. Wait a few minutes (it isn't very long) and the game will crash


      Please fix this, I am trying to build a cool dragon-based farm, and it's really annoying when the game crashes every 2 minutes. It's a really bad problem and has been tested on multiple different computers (they were all macs if it makes a difference). I fear this could be used as a weapon to EASILY crash any server (I haven't tested on servers, but it's a server crash report and not a client one).


      Attached below is the bug report; the "mod" it mentions was just OptiFine, and I tested that the bug also occurs in vanilla.

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