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Unable to eat carrots while looking at blocks


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    • Minecraft 19w13b
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    • Windows 7
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      This only happened recently(19w13b), not even in 19w12b.

      I was testing and eating food for my datapack. Everything was normal.

      But then, when I tried to eat a carrot while looking at sandstone, it didn't work. If I look somewhere spacious, at the sky, or not touching any blocks, it works as normal. And when I look at a block without GUI then hover a block with GUI, like the stonecutter, the GUI pops up. What I am guessing is that the game is trying to find farmland to place the carrots on, failed, but keeps on searching, creating the inability for the player to eat the carrot. I also guess that this bug also affects potatoes.

      How to reproduce:

      1. Go into a world.

      2. Get a carrot and be in survival.

      3. Be hungry enough, look at a block and attempt to eat the carrot.

      Result: Player does not eat carrot nor do an eating animation.

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