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Client thinks player is falling while the server is loading chunks, so the player falls into the void and dies



    • Type: Bug
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    • Resolution: Duplicate
    • Affects Version/s: Minecraft 19w12b
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      Java version 1.8.0_201

      Windows 10

      Server is vanilla snapshot server, low population (rarely see more than 8 people on) with no world boundary set
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      I am playing on a snapshot server. I have four homes set in this world. Most folks just have one, so I am statistically at a higher chance of this happening to me. In previous snapshots over the last month or two, TP'ing has been an occasional problem, but with this snapshot I die frequently when teleporting. Cause of death is (1) "suffocated" (tp'd into solid stone about ten blocks down and up to 2 blocks horizontally), (2) "tell from a high place" (tp'd and fell down through stone but then there was a ravine below me so I died at the bottom of it). or (3) I simply "fell out of the world."

      I have now set all my homes to on top a trap door attached to the top of a nerd pole over a pond. Previously, setting home to trapdoor on top of my vertical laddered mine shaft was working OK, but now there seems to e some lateral displacement landing me in stone.

      The server owner thinks it has something to do with the server trying to load chunks and taking a moment to sort it out, whilst the client thinking that it's falling infinitely and then into the void.

      Duplicate by creating lots of different tp points on a server and move between them.


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