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Villagers leaving their once-called home,


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      Villagers: movement issue.

      (I would like to appologize if this has been reported before, although I have not found any other reports adressing this)

      I started a game of minecraft, found a village, settled down and build stuff and gathered my material whilst regularly checking in on the villagers.
      And I started noticing, that the ammount of villagers shrunk, and the (untamed village cats) cats had all escaped, I spotted some of these cats and villagers from this village almost 200-500 blocks away, running around like lunatics in the forest.

      I have no idea why this is, but it certianly explains why the other villagers' prices skyrocketed. (the villagers who stayed behind, cause less villagers = higher prices).
      And the iron golem was just walking so far away from its village,
      I just dont know anymore... Are they not bound to their area? Should they not be?

      Also about villagers movement related bugs: can we fix the fact that farmer villagers will almost always trap themselves in the composters?
      Also also (sorry) the bell does not always seem to work as intended. Usually works 50% of the time, and 50% dont.

      Other than that I wish you all at Mojang and the rest of the internett moderators, a happy huntin' and good luck at exterminating those bugs and glitches!

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