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Full Game/Server Freeze when Returning from End



    • Type: Bug
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    • Affects Version/s: Minecraft 19w08b, Minecraft 19w09a
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      In the world I've been playing on (2 players, vanilla snapshot hosted online), returning through the End portal after defeating the dragon will consistently crash the server due to a time-out. Upon entering, the credits start rolling and eventually it will time-out and crash.

      If the credits are interrupted at all (escape button), the player is put in the (theoretical) right spot, but nothing loads around them and they fall out of the world. The game will still crash from a time-out.

      No message appears in the console window upon crashing, and it will not show any players being kicked/disconnected either. It just freezes entirely on the last message that was sent (such as the enderdragon check).


      Steps Taken

      In order to verify that this was a problem, I've taken several steps. I will list them here.

      • Loaded the world as a Single Player world and tried returning from the end from there. The issue still occurred here, suggesting it has nothing to do with multi/singleplayer.
      • Attempted to spawn a new end portal, other than the one the dragon spawns, and go through it. The game still ended up crashing, suggesting it does not make a difference through which portal the player travels.
      • Removed playerdata files to see if our data somehow got corrupted in relation to dimensions. No effect.
      • Attempted to teleport myself to my fellow player in the Overworld. The result was interesting, as the server did not crash but I did fall out of the world due to nothing loading around me. This happened consistently every try.
      • Attempted to jump out of the world and get out through dying. This worked flawlessly, but it is not a preferred method of getting out of the end.
      • Attempted to have my fellow player teleport me to them in the Overworld. This does work and circumvents the server crash or loss of items by death. The downside is that this requires a fellow player to be available and able to teleport.



      All-in-all, my steps taken suggest that the problem lies entirely with the process of going through the end-portal or rolling the credits, and not with exiting the dimension itself. Nothing strange happened upon killing the dragon for the first time. Both of us went through the portal when we were done and ended up crashing.

      I will attach the crash log from this specific problem to this issue. I've created this world on snapshot 19w08b and as such I'm unaware if the problem has been occurring for longer than that. It is very much possible that the problem is specific to this world, but if at all possible we would like to keep it due to our large investment of time and effort.




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