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There is a lag when breaking bamboo in a "Bamboo Jungle" Buffet world.


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    • Minecraft 19w08b
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    • Operating system: Linux Mint 19
      Java version: 10.0.2 64bit
      Minecraft PC
      Decent amount of RAM

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    • Survival

      What I expected to happen was...
      Break bamboo without lag.

      What actually happened was...
      When breaking the bamboo there was lag.

      Steps to reproduce:
      1. Click survival then click buffet. Then in the options menu click "Bamboo Jungle." Keep the world generator type to "surface"
      2. Right click the bottom of a bamboo shoot once the world loads

      Side note: In order for the lag to appear, you have to break a bamboo shoot in an overly populated bamboo spot. Taller bamboo shoots lag more than smaller ones.

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