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You update killed my pets, again......



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    • Minecraft 19w08a
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      OK, who messed up the code this time?  I started the game on my very nice Isla Nui Zoological Island, up in the new Fox Exhibit, and when I booted up, all four of my foxes, Red and Trixie the red foxes, and Blizzard and Snow the arctic foxes, were gone, completely gone, no trace....  OK, I thought, the update log did state that foxes that trusted you would no longer trust you, so I thought, OK, this only applies to foxes, I re-spawned them, (via summon command), gave them back their names, and went on my way, left Isla Nui, and returned home.  Upon arriving, my poor crack team of Skeleton Horses, Skelly, his younger brother Bones, and Skelly's son Ice Runner, along with Skelly and Bone's cousin Zenith the Zombie Horse, plus Lars the Donkey, and Bedrock the normal Horse, were all GONE!!Unable to render embedded object: File ( File ( File (  The only two that remained were Otis the Mule and Leonard the Trader Llama, (who replaced the original Leonard the regular Llama whom has been renamed Leopold), and at that point I was like, OK, this didn't just get affect my poor foxes.....  At this point I was pretty mad, but I thought, OK, maybe if I simply reboot and Optimize this world they'll come back, since, after all all the Item Frames for the entirety of the 1.14 snapshots have been appearing to break when in fact they are turning invisible, so I thought something like that might be happening here.  I was wrong,  Upon full shutdown of the game, back to the desktop, and fully relaunching, optimizing, and reloading the world, I came back in to find that now, not only were the aforementioned Skeleton, Zombie, and regular Horses, plus the Donkey, were gone, but poor Otis the Mule and Leonard the Trader Llama were also gone, and not only that but so were ALL MY CHICKENS) not found.) not found.) not found.!!!Unable to render embedded object: File (  Every single one of them, gone, whats odd though, is the list of circumstances each of these disappearances took place.  You see, on Isla Nui, the Foxes are up on an artificial mountain, just a few blocks away form the Polar Bears, (but far enough to keep the Polar Bears quiet about their new neighbors), and yet the Polar Bears didn't disappear.  What's more, is that even though they all share a pen, Otis and Leonard didn't disappear initially like Skelly, Bones, Ice Runner, Zenith, Bedrock, and Lars did, and on that note, the Chicken Pen shares a fence border with the Horse Corral, and yet the Chickens, much like Otis and Leonard, only disappeared after I rebooted and optimized.  Interestingly enough, Jeb_ the Rainbow Sheep, along with his 16 differently colored sheep brothers and sisters, the Mooshrooms and Cows, who share a pen together only about 5 or 6 blocks away from the Horse Corral, the Rabbits, whose Pen sits between the Sheep and Cow/Mooshroom Pens, Reuben the Pig and his brothers/sisters, who have their pen on the other side of the Squid/Turtle Tank form the Chickens, and Butch the Polar Bear and Sheldon the Panda whose pen is a corner of part of the Sheep Pen.......  None of those animals disappeared at all.....  And they were all within the walls of my large octagonal base, (which if I remember correctly, is about, oh rough estimate, without looking, is between 30-50 blocks from side to side), but only the Equine and Fowl creatures were affected.  I have since moved to a safe cave, some multi thousand blocks away from my base, for the safety of my remaining animals, and would appreciate an immediate patch as soon as possible to fix this issue.  So, uh, any help?  I'm gonna go check on the Horse I summoned in, (via spawn egg), and the Chickens I spawned, (via egg throwing), in my cave and see if they've disappeared.....  If they have I'll be back in inform you in the comments.... Goodbye.  Rockatoa, Brickticks out) not found.  Oh, and P.S., here's a list of the missing animals so far:

      3x Skeleton Horses, (Skelly, Bones, Ice Runner, all equipped with Frost Walker II Enchanted Diamond Boots and Diamond Thorns III Enchanted Horse Armor, via the commands used to summon them)

      1x Zombie Horse, (Zenith, might've also had those Frost Walker II Boots and I know he had the Diamond Thorns Horse Armor on, again, via summon commands).

      2x Regular Horse, (Bedrock, Diamond Thorns II Horse Armor, and saddle, Rusty, Iron Horse Armor, Unenchanted, with saddle).

      1x Donkey, (Lars, like all the others, sans Leonard, he had a saddle, and like Leonard and Otis he had Chests, albeit they were supposedly empty last time I checked, which was a long time ago).

      1x Mule, (Otis, had a saddle and chests, which were supposedly empty).

      1x Trader Llama, (Leonard, no carpet, so he had the normal Trader Llama attire, he also had chests, with maximum strength, so as to have 15 chest slots like the default for Lars and Otis).

      Approx. 12x-17x Chickens, (I never actually counted how many, so its a rough estimate).

      2x Red Foxes, (Red and Trixie, since re-summoned, but may have disappeared by now).

      2x Arctic Foxes, (Blizzard and Snow, since re-summoned, but may have disappeared by now).

      1x My Happy about the new Leather Horse Armor Feelings, (My feelings are hurt because of this, lucky I have a 19w07a backup to run tomorrow, if you get this fixed by then).

      1x My Dignity, (This is so undignified that this has happened to me twice).

      1x Mcdonalds Sausage Biscuit Malfunction and Hashbrown, (My Sausage Biscuit came with only the bottom halves on both sides, my friend's came with both the top halves).

      1x My Home, (I can't return until this is fixed, sad face :' (  poor me).

      I hope this helps.  Goodbye.


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