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Your so-called "Render Engine Update" is trash!!!


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    • Minecraft 19w05a, Minecraft 19w06a, Minecraft 19w07a
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    • Windows 10, HP OMEN, Java Edition MC, Nvidia Geforce GTX 1050ti GPU, 12GB RAM.
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      Every time I play this stupid game, it starts lagging within 30-45 minutes of being in the same general vicinity, and going back and forth between the same group of chunks, and if I try to go somewhere else, it refuses to render any new chunks after loading, oh, I'd say about 100 individual chunks, only one time each, and if they render more than once, then they load as two separate chunks without ever unloading.  They stop rendering, but they aren't unloaded, so thus when I move about 10 chunks with 12 chunk render distance the game has 120 chunks actually loaded, taking up memory, but not rendered.  So, FIX THIS DARN THING ALREADY!!!!Unable to render embedded object: File (  I mean really, I had better rendering BEFORE the Render Engine Rewrite and now I can't even leave my home base without being met with a refusal to render chunks that I either have gone to in that current session or haven't) not found.!Unable to render embedded object: File (  I am literally stuck, if I render a chunk, it stays loaded in the memory even if it doesn't render, so thus I may have the breaking point of chunks loaded for my laptop, and it will begin to fail to render chunks, lag like nobody's business, and ultimately force me to shut down my game for no reason) not found.!!!!!!Unable to render embedded object: File (  HELP) not found.!!!!

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