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Bad chunck loading, seems to connect to water


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    • Minecraft 19w07a
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    • My operating system is Windows 10,

      Java: Latest, updated today (16.2.18)
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      So, I started a 19w07a server with my friends and what that happens is that my sometimes my computer doesn't load chuncks of the game (just void) and mostly to ocean chuncks minecraft will just load the chuncks patchy (it will load only part of the blocks) and if i enter the patchy ones I actually start falling untill i colide with the next ocean tile, this does not happen to my friends who are on the servers with me, I asked one of them to watch me enter the patchy ocean and he said he saw me falling through the ocean and when he entered the same place I was in I saw him float but it acted right for him.

      I checked things in single player and in single player my world loads correctly until i encounter moving water, when I do it can't load the blocks around it (a radius of around 5 blocks)


      Update: My chunck loading was set to 4 because I had bad Internet and forgot to change it. After changing to 25 chuncks it seems to be alright

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