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server excessive cpu use in 1.14 snapshot



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    • Minecraft 19w07a
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    • Minecraft 1.14 snapshot on Debian-9-stable server installed bare metal using most recent 4.19 kernel available in backports

      AMD A4-6300 dual core cpu with 3.7 GHz speed

      8 GB RAM

      Oracle Java 8, jre-8u201
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      Even when no one is logged in the server for the snapshots for 1.14, it has been using 100% of one core.  This is regardless of whether it just started, or whether it has been going for 15 minutes, or if someone has logged in and then logged out, or if it was restarted and running for several minutes without anyone logging in.  CPU temp is staying between 60 and 66 degrees Celsius, max for that CPU is 70 degrees Celsius.  Most recent attempt to run the snapshot server  for 19w07a was last night, but this has been a problem since December 2018 on prior snapshots for 1.14, so it has been going on for a while.  It is basically unusable as a server for the snapshots due to this issue, because I am concerned about overheating.

      For comparison, 1.13 server on this same computer/server stays mostly around 5% of one core when no one is logged in, and CPU temps are around 2 degrees Celsius right now after running 1.13 for about 7 hours.  So it is not a hardware problem.





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