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Some mobs move very slowly in water



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      So I was playing 19w07a, and noticed a fox hunting fish. However, they were extremely slow in the water, and the hunting looked extremely awkward since they were moving at a snail's pace.

      I remembered this old bug (MC-48616) that caused mobs to move slowly in water, and started to research this, and so I tested it in different versions.

      14w05b (before the bug) : Zombie: 9.5 seconds to swim to the player. (14w06a actually introduced it)

      15w45a ("fix version"): Zombie: 18 seconds to swim to the player. That's about TWO TIMES slower than before.

      Latest version: Zombie/Creeper: about ~15 seconds to the player in water (Zombies now sink to the bottom so I tried to test it with Creepers too)

      But Foxes are the easiest mob proof that this bug still exists. I also think fish are surprisingly sluggish for a water mob, so they might be affected by this bug as well.


      How to reproduce:

      Make a mob chase another/player mob in water, for example:

      Zombie chase a player or a villager

      Wolf chase a sheep

      Drowned chase a player of villager, but in 1-block high water

      Notice how slowly they move.


      You can compare this to any version before 14w05b to see how much faster the mobs were in water.


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