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"minecraft.crafted:minecraft.<CAMPFIRE_COOKABLE_ITEM>" doesn't increase when crafting food using campfires


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      The Bug:

      "minecraft.crafted:minecraft.<CAMPFIRE_COOKABLE_ITEM>" doesn't increase when crafting food using campfires.

      Steps to Reproduce:

      1. Create a scoreboard objective for tracking when you craft some cooked cod and set it to display on the sidebar by using the commands provided below.  
        /scoreboard objectives add CraftCookedCod minecraft.crafted:minecraft.cooked_cod
        /scoreboard objectives setdisplay sidebar CraftCookedCod
      2. Place down a furnace and begin cooking a singular cod inside of it.
      3. Once the cod has done cooking, take it out of the furnace and take note of how the scoreboard increases.
      4. Place down a campfire and place a singular cod onto it.
      5. Wait for the cod to finish cooking and once it has done, collect it from the ground.
      6. Take note as to whether or not "minecraft.crafted:minecraft.<CAMPFIRE_COOKABLE_ITEM>" increases when crafting food using campfires.

      Observed Behavior:

      "minecraft.crafted:minecraft.<CAMPFIRE_COOKABLE_ITEM>" doesn't increase when crafting food using campfires.

      Expected Behavior:

      "minecraft.crafted:minecraft.<CAMPFIRE_COOKABLE_ITEM>" would increase when crafting food using campfires.

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