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    • Minecraft 19w06a
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    • *(Playing on a server)*

      *Java Edition*
      *Windows 10 64-bit*
      CPU: Intel Core i3 2.30GHz
      RAM: 4GB

      GPU: AMD Radeon 7400M
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      The way this happened is, I hosted a server using a hosting service (server.pro) and someone had taken my ip, so i decided to play on that server. The server was running on 19w06a. I logged into the server, and set my render distance to 6 because i was lagging. I walked around and i suddenly encountered a chunk error, a really insane one, like nothing i had ever seen before. (unknown.png). 

      I tried to jump into the water and lava but it kept teleporting me back. After that i walked around the edge some more and jumped in again, this time it worked, I just started slowly floating down until i started drowning. When i logged off and logged on again it fixed itself and in place of the chunk error there was a river biome next to a beach.

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