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Boat spawn delayed after restarting game



    • Type: Bug
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    • Affects Version/s: Minecraft 19w04b
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      Defect observed while running 19w04b.  Defect had not been observed with previous snapshots of 1.14 (single or multiplayer) nor with extensive play using 1.13.2 (single or multiplayer)


      Exploring cold ocean biome in a boat during single player game.  Decided to 'land' boat on an island by running it into a sand block.  Without exiting the boat (left + shift) I left the current game, but did not exit the program.  

      Upon signing back in to the same game I spawned in the same block location where I had left off, but without the boat.  Checked inventory and no boat. Right clicked in the approximate area where the boat would been to determine if the entity was 'invisible' (I have previously run into invisible entities such as players and mobs as reported by other players as documented in other issues in Jira).  Did not 'mount' and concluded that the boat was indeed gone.

      Proceeded to leave the water and move onto island blocks  

      After about 30 seconds I navigated back down to the approximate area where I 'landed' the boat.  Observed screen stutter and was returned back to the boat in the same block location where I had left it prior to signing out. 

      I did not remember right clicking in the block where the boat would have been located a second time and was surprised to be back in the boat. 

      Working to reproduce and will add additional details if I see this defect again.



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