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Chunk Rendering Issue (Ignore as this is for Java not Bedrock my bad ):


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      I was Testing out the new snapshot version (Minecraft 19w03c I couldn't state it as it wasn't in the affected versions drop down menu so i picked the latest one) and was fiddling with Chunk rendering settings starting from the lowest which was 2 chunks went back into the game then went back into the options and raised it by 1 and kept doing this till i was at 5 to 6 caused this to happen. As seen in the pictures below whats worse is it stayed that way no matter how much I raised the Chunks being rendered unless I Quit and saved the world and reloaded it. I left a picture with all my system information and am using a Windows 10 OS and also for added info was also running a 1.13.2 Minecraft server for family in the background and state it here in case if it has anything to do with the cause of this rendering issue. I know this is a developmental version of minecraft. But I want to make sure the Dev team know about such bugs so that they are caught early while the version is still in development so they can work on it before the release exit's snapshot with a bug like this.

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