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Chunks that are outside of the spawn area or unload from the spawn area aren't loaded again in Multiplayer.


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    • Minecraft 19w02a, Minecraft 19w03a
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    • The server runs on the following environment:
      Windows 10 1809
      Java 8 update 171 (64 bit)
      2GB of ram
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      When playing on a server, you can't leave the spawn area because the chunks don't load. If any chunks in the spawn area unload, they either load slowly or just refuse to load again. In areas that previously had chunks but don't load, there would just be water floating in the air.

      Gameplay in the spawn area works perfectly, with no issues to stuff like beds or damange sounds, but leaving the spawn area just slowly drops you into the void.

      [Here is a video of it happening.|https://youtu.be/fnMthiBO6to]

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