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Chunk/Teleport problems


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    • Minecraft 18w50a
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    • About lazy chunks loading and teleport to not loaded chunks
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      Its been a year im following Minecraft snapshot and playing on them.

      There's a really bad thing about 18w45a and higher

      Chunks! Chunks are really lazy to load, sometimes they don't want to load, and sometimes they gonna crasht the server!

      its been more than 1 month im using the last snapshots on a high performance server,

      im keep getting "overload ( can't keep up! )" or "a single game tick took {properties.max-game-tick} seconds! should be max ..)

      this messages!
      i even set the max game tick to 1-, still the same


      This versions are not good for run datapacks, they can overload these snapshots really easy


      I Hope to see a better chunk loading and a better performance for the next snapshot!

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