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Chunk rendering issues


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    • Minecraft 18w47a, Minecraft 18w47b
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    • Ubuntu 16 server
      Im using windows 10 to play
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      Chunks failing to render. The following text is from our discord and the image also features the chunks not loading another conversation with a different player. I tried disabling the datapack with the datapack command but it did not fix the issue. Im fairly sure this is a duplicate but was unable to find the other one.


      StuperfiedYesterday at 9:03 PMI asked you to go to spawn because its a known build with known entities. Also I logged in there myself and it loaded just fine. If you are having no issues at spawn then it is likely the issue you are experiencing may be related to a build in the chunks where you were logging in.
      Mach STYesterday at 9:03 PM... i was having trouble at spawn, it took almost 15 minutes to load
      StuperfiedYesterday at 9:04 PMYet it loaded for me immediately and without issue. @Vex can you try?
      VexYesterday at 9:05 PMCantI cant join any version higher than 1.13.1Idk why ive tried to troubleshoot it with no success
      StuperfiedYesterday at 9:14 PMCan anyone else get on and try it out?
      ĐΞȺŦĦSĦȺĐØWƵ_™Yesterday at 9:18 PMNope, i'm too tired
      Mach STYesterday at 9:27 PMi have teleported to spawn, i will document as soon as it loads
      Mach STYesterday at 9:34 PMmoniter fell asleep, still waiting for it to load(edited)
      Mach STYesterday at 9:51 PMmoniter once again fell asleep, and still waiting on those chunks
      ĐΞȺŦĦSĦȺĐØWƵ_™Yesterday at 9:51 PMNot great
      Mach STYesterday at 9:57 PMid say, that's half an hour of loading block modelswhat's it trying to do, render the air?i had to stop, buit this is a problem

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