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Fish are no longer spawning in water.



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    • Minecraft 18w46a
    • Minecraft 18w47b
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      This is from a world I created in 18w45a. After playing in 18w46a for a while I started to notice that I was no longer seeing any fish in a nearby lake and after exploring it for a while I didn't see any spawning further out. A fish I caught and put in a little pond didn't seem to be affected, so this seems more like a spawning issue.


      Update: After spending some time away from my main base exploring, I noticed fish started spawning again. After returning home, I found a single fish swimming in the nearby lake, but it despawned shortly after and I haven't seen anything since.


      I think what might be going on is something to do with the new pillagers maxing out the number of creatures that can spawn in a given area, or maybe they're taking priority. There certainly seems to be a lot of pillagers spawning. Like two or three groups of them in a given area at a time.


      Update 2: Whatever was going on doesn't seem to be happening now, at least not to the same degree. I don't know, maybe saving and reloading Minecraft a couple of times forced it to work through whatever kink was keeping it from spawning fish.




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