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Terrain takes long to load, player hanging in mid air


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    • Minecraft 18w45a, Minecraft 18w46a
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      This probably happens only with bigger maps (more explored). I played this world for three weeks.

      After selecting a world to play, it goes through the "preparing spawn area", "progress.working" etc messages, then starts the renderer, but the world does not load until up to about a minute later. Meanwhile music plays, once I got murdered by a illager party, but it doesn't display. F3+A doesn't do anything, changing render distance neither. Sometimes reloading the world helps, other times I just wait until it finishes its slow loading.

      this never happened to me before the last few snapshots.


      (i'm almost certain this will be marked as a duplicate, but searching for "slow load" is fruitless, there's just too many different issues about it)

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