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Pandas eating items/blocks with textures in the "entities" folder generate "eating" particles using the flowing water and lava textures



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      Pandas eating certain items results in them generating eating particles, which should be normal- except that they use the textures of flowing water and flowing lava as a base!


      While at first it might not seem like a big issue, mapmakers might want to make pandas eat custom items (I don't know why they would do that, but this issue is clearly unintended). This is especially problematic due to the fact that mob and player heads share breaking particles with soul sand, and shulker boxes actually have a "broken" particle.


      The problematic items are:

      Shields (minecraft:shield): Uses its own textures from the entities folder.

      Shulker Boxes (minecraft:shulker_box/minecraft:[color]_shulker_box) take their textures from the Shulker mob.

      Mob heads (wither_skeleton_skull, skeleton_skull, zombie_head, creeper_head, dragon_head) take their textures from their respective mobs.

      Player heads (player_head) take their textures from... well, players. By default, they use the Steve texture, whose texture is located in the entities folder.


      How to reproduce:

      1. Do
         /summon panda ~ ~ ~ {MainGene:"brown",HiddenGene:"brown"}
      1. There probably aren't any other pandas with this specific gene combination, which allows the following command to almost always target this panda.
      2. Feed it bamboo.
      3. Quickly type/paste this command into chat:
        /data merge entity @e[type=panda,nbt=
      1. Notice how the panda is generating strange particles. This is the result of Minecraft not knowing what block/item texture it's supposed to be generating particles from.

      Note: Sorry for the terrible listing. I can't figure out how to fix the list without putting everything into a "code" bracket


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